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Do your customers value your design skills highly enough?

Sometimes, no matter how good a designer you are, it seems as if clients do not value what you do. They take your designs for granted. And they do not pay you nearly enough.

This is because many customers need more than just a designer. They want someone who can sort problems out for them and make their lives easier.

The most valued designers manage whole projects for their clients

Customers often don’t just want some graphic design carried out for them. They want someone to create a website for them or to manage their entire brochure. If they receive a design, the customer has to do something with it. They want a finished product.

With website design this can get a little complicated. You may need to team up with a website builder. But when it comes to print projects, a designer can manage them all by themselves.

Here are three reasons why graphic designers should sell print as well as design

The first one is all about customer retention. A printing company may well decide to encourage your client to use their design services rather than yours. Customers often find the one-stop shop service convenient. So it is far better that you offer this yourself rather than risking having your clients poached from you.

Secondly, your clients are actually likely to place more design work with you. They are often too busy to brief you and find a printer and manage the print production as well. Sometimes it is so much work that they will decide not to go ahead with a project. It is much easier if all they have to do is pick up the phone and have a quick conversation with their designer. They prefer to have the whole project managed for them. This makes design and print projects more likely to go ahead.

Finally, adding print services to your portfolio increases your revenues. You don’t just only profit from managing the print for the jobs that you design. Deliver good jobs and your client may rely on you for other profitable printing work as well.

Isn’t print complicated?

At NM Print we have designed our services around making things as easy as possible for print resellers. Here are some of the services we offer our customers:

- Low pricing, thanks to our highly automated systems and the fact that we manage most of our work online.

- Product-based pricing means that you don’t have to worry about how to create a print specification: it is all done for you

- Instant pricing from our online pricing calculator, meaning you can give your clients immediate responses rather than waiting for a print estimate

- A range of informative blogs and video tutorials to help you understand print more, appreciate what is possible and inspire you with new ideas for your clients

- A live customer services team available on the phone or on live chat

- An artwork fixing service so that we can help you ensure that your job prints perfectly if you are not used to designing for print

- White label delivery so that your customer never knows who you are using for print and tries to contact them directly

In addition, our website is online 24/7. You can find a price or place an order whenever you want. We fit in with your working hours.

Add print to your services now!

You won’t just increase your revenues and profit: your customers will value you more.

How can you promote your company or products all year-round?

A calendar is a great way to ensure that you are always in the minds of your prospects and customers. Every time they look at their wall they will have a reminder of you.

Businesses that use calendars actually promote a stronger relationship with their audience. This is because of the constant reminder on their wall: they cannot help but be aware of you. This means that you are more likely to receive enquiries and orders from them. A calendar helps you achieve your business objectives.

Organisations that ignore calendars are going to have work a lot harder to remain front of mind for their audience. People are less likely to engage with a company they do not remember.

In order to achieve the best results from your calendars, it is important to create good content. It is important to create a calendar that is unique to you, rather than relying on standard content. Using an off the shelf calendar with your details overprinted rarely creates the right impact. Here are seven ways to theme your calendar:

1. Use a calendar as a product catalogue

Use each month to show off one of your products or services. Recipients have a much better chance of understanding your full offering.

2. Inspire with shots of great jobs

If you have produced jobs for customers that you are proud of, you should shout about it! Show recipients what you can do for them. (Just make sure you get permission from your customers to share what you have produced for them.)

3. Demonstrate the type of creativity you have

If you are a creative business then you have a huge opportunity with a calendar. You can design your own artwork for it. It should show off what you are capable of. You might even have designs that customers can buy.

4. Document what happened over the last year

What happened to your company last year? If you attended events, won awards or had big changes at your organisation then a calendar is a good chance to celebrate this.

5. Promote what is happening next year

What should your customers be aware of for the following twelve months? Are there events that you will be attending? Are there industry events that they should be reminded of? Will you have a range of new product launches? A calendar is a good way to make sure that everyone is up to speed on what is happening.

6. Use a calendar to meet the team

A calendar is also a chance to be personal. Why not use each month to focus on an individual? You can include a portrait and some background information as well. This can help customers feel much more connected with your organisation.

7. Celebrate your locality

If you have a particular association with where you are based, then it may be appropriate to share this with your recipients. Maybe you are all local businesses and everyone will appreciate local scenes.

Isn’t it hard to design your own calendar?

With our template designer , the design is a simple task. We already have a number of outline designs that you can choose from. All you have to do is change the wording to suit you and drag and drop your illustrations.

If you really want your calendar to stand out, consider going large! Make your calendar A3 size. That’s double the size of the A4 calendars that most people create.

Remember this one golden rule about calendars

It is vital to print and deliver your calendar early. The calendars that are received first are the ones that stand the best chance of being chosen to be hung in pride of place. So try out our template designs today and make sure you order your calendar very soon.

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